Training is a core activity of the CRS; with the overarching goal to provide UZH researchers with the input and tools they need, to produce effective and reproducible science.

To this end the CRS 

  • organizes targeted courses at all levels and for all fields to enhance good research practices and reproducibility of scientific research at UZH.
  • sets up regular events for young and senior researchers at UZH with talks by key scientists working in the field of reproducibility and actively promotes seminar talks on related subjects throughout UZH.
  • assists in the development of curricula to strengthen the understanding of key statistical concepts (measures of evidence, multiplicity, cross-validation, avoidance of bias etc.) linked to reproducibility.
  • promotes existing methods and reproducible research courses at UZH, which are offered across all faculties and enabling as far as possible inter-faculty student exchange.
  • curates a list of external training possibilities that are aligned with the philosophy of CRS.

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