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Center for Reproducible Science

Digital Skills for Open Science

With the advent of ever more data, in science but also in society in general, transparent and rigorous processes that turn data into potentially actionable evidence are indispensable. In an attempt to increase transparency, reproducibility and societal benefits of scientific results, research universities worldwide and UZH in particular are transitioning to Open Science (OS) as the default mode of operation.

The CRS together with the Open Science office of UZH participate in the university-wide teaching project DISK4U in order to provide adequate training in the relevant digital skills for OS. This offer will helps to smooth the transition, to attain OS and reproducibility goals at UZH and to empower our lecturers and students in all disciplines.

Two courses are offered to bachelor and master students:

5 Steps to Good Data Science Practice in R

Publishing Personal and Sensitive Data (together with the Open Science Services)

An introductory course has been made available as an Open Educational Resource:

Understanding Open and Reproducible Science


We participated in the creation of an online game on Open Science and the accompanying advice on how to incorporate it in teaching:

Open up your research

What is Open Science


In Fall 2022 we offered a special course for lecturers: Using version control with Git and Gitlab in a teaching context. This course helped lecturers implement our advice from the Teaching tool

Teaching with git.

We created a teaching tool entry concerning containerization

What is Docker and how can you use it in your course?