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Center for Reproducible Science

CRS Primers

Get quick overviews and "how-to"s on important topics related to reproducible science. Or do you want to give us feedback or have suggestions for new primers? Great, leave us your comments in the feedback form!

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Analysis of Replication Studies

More about Analysis of Replication Studies

Charlotte Micheloud, Leonhard Held

This primer explains what replication studies are and presents several replication success criteria used in practice. Original and replication studies from large-scale replication projects are used to illustrate the properties of the different criteria.

File Naming Conventions

More about File Naming Conventions

Hester van de Wiel, Gorka Fraga González, Eva Furrer, Leonhard Held

This primer discusses file naming conventions (FNC) which help to achieve an organized and accessible collection of files. Implementing an effective FNC from the outset of a research project ensures better data organization, accessibility, and reproducibility, aligning with the FAIR principles for data management and facilitating collaboration among researchers.

Principles of Data Visualization

More about Principles of Data Visualization

Marianna Rosso, Leonhard Held

This primer dives into the world of data visualization as it explores its role in academia, enabling researchers and students to explore multidimensional datasets, uncover patterns, and communicate findings in an impactful way to a broad audience. Here, we present five principles of data visualization and provide a curated list of resources.

Felix Hofmann, Samuel Pawel, Melanie Röthlisberger, Leonhard Held

How can researchers and students use modern digital tools for collaboration? This primer gives an overview of various useful tools that can increase productivity and reproducibility.

Observational Studies in Clinical Research

More about Observational Studies in Clinical Research

Simon Schwab, Frank Ruschitzka, Gerhard Rogler, Leonhard Held

This primer explains what observational studies in clinical research are, and discusses reporting of such studies. A simple checklist is presented to help researchers stay on top of their reporting.

Benjamin Victor Ineichen, Martina Gosteli, Ulrike Held

This primer discusses the relevance of systematic reviews and provides an overview of the steps to conduct a rigorous preclinical or clinical systematic review.

Charlotte Micheloud, Stefanie von Felten, Leonhard Held

This primer was developed during the preparations of a Lab Pitch and discusses the design and analysis of cross-over trials.

Felix Hofmann, Samuel Pawel, Monika Hebeisen, Leonhard Held

Our first primer gives you a first taste of "Dynamic reporting": What it is? Why it is useful? and How you can use it.